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Whisper of Bones – Melinda Leigh

“The kayakers found the body on the northwest beach of Camilla’s Island,” Deputy Tessa Black yelled over the wind and the roar of twin outboards. She tugged her sheriff’s department cap lower on her forehead as the state park ranger boat sped across the bay, leaving Widow’s Island behind them. At the wheel, Logan Wilde […]

Drown Her Sorrows – Melinda Leigh

Behind the wheel of her official SUV, Sheriff Bree Taggert stared at the screen of her ringing cell phone with regret. At six thirty in the evening, she was almost home, but her deputies didn’t call her cell unless it was important. She answered, “Sheriff Taggert.” “I’m sorry to disturb you, ma’am, but I have […]

A Broken Bone – Melinda Leigh

Deputy Tessa Black roared down the narrow dead-end street in her county-issued SUV, lights flashing and sirens blaring. A report of a possible explosion in the small town of North Sound was a true emergency. The volunteer fire company was also on the way, but in rural areas, deputies were usually the first responders to […]

What I’ve Done – Melinda Leigh

Haley gasped, sucking air into her lungs like a person who had just surfaced after being underwater too long. Oxygen flooded her, and consciousness returned with a rush of sensation that swept over her skin and left it tingling. Pain throbbed through her head as she opened her eyes. Her vision blurred. The blur spun, […]

Twisted Truth – Melinda Leigh

Rogue County Detective Seth Harding scanned the dark block through a sheet of relentless rain. Minivans, basketball nets, and groomed lawns lined the street. This was not the normal area for a “shots fired” call. He slid his unmarked sedan to the curb behind the black-and-white. Two deputies were climbing out of their unit. Red […]

See Her Die – Melinda Leigh

The scream faded, the sound muffled through the walls of the cabin. Alyssa blinked in the darkness. Outside, the March wind whistled through the trees. Inside, the quiet that hung in the air was almost as sharp as the bitter cold. Her heartbeat thrummed in her ears. An owl? Her instincts said no. The tone […]

Say You’re Sorry – Melinda Leigh

Darkness. Tessa had been afraid of it most of her life. For as long as she could remember, she’d gone to bed dreading nightfall, looking under the bed, double-checking her nightlight. As if a lightbulb the size of a lit match could possibly banish her nightmares. But tonight, she prayed for the blackest of nights. […]

Hour of Need – Melinda Leigh

Tonight’s celebration felt as hollow as Lee’s confidence. Anniversaries were a big deal, especially this one. A little more than a year ago, Lee hadn’t thought he and Kate would make it to their ten-year milestone. He should be happier, but he couldn’t shake the nag of betrayal. He should have told her. Actually, he […]

Secrets Never Die – Melinda Leigh

Why was the house dark? Sitting in the passenger seat of his friend’s Honda Accord, Evan checked the time on his watch. Twelve thirty a.m. His mom’s car wasn’t in the driveway. She must still be at the urgent care where she worked as a nurse. Evan’s stepfather, Paul, always left a light on for […]

Seconds to Live – Melinda Leigh

“Please let me go.” Missy spoke to the tiny green LED light in the corner of the ceiling. The light blinked like a buoy beacon in the darkness, letting her know that the camera was working. That he was watching. The only other light in the room was a red LED mounted by the door. […]

Cross Her Heart – Melinda Leigh

Grey’s Hollow, New York, January 1993 “911. What is your emergency?” the lady asked. Bree was shaking so hard. She could barely hold the phone to her ear. “Mommy and Daddy are fighting.” A slap sounded down the hall, and Bree flinched. “Would you send the police?” “The police are coming,” the lady said. “I’m […]

A Bone to Pick – Melinda Leigh

“Where did the screams come from, ma’am?” Deputy Tessa Black stood under the porch overhang. The night wind whipped dead leaves around her boots. “Over there.” In the open doorway, Mrs. Driver lifted one hand from her walker and pointed behind Tessa. Tessa glanced over her shoulder. On the other side of a quarter-acre field, […]

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