Tag: Melissa de la Cruz

The Isle of the Lost – Melissa de la Cruz

Once upon a time, during a time after all the happily-ever-afters, and perhaps even after the everafters after that, all the evil villains of the world were banished from the United Kingdom of Auradon and imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost. There, underneath a protective dome that kept all manner of enchantment out of […]

The Queen’s Secret – Melissa de la Cruz

HE CAN’T TAKE HİS EYES off her. The royal procession—newlywed king and queen on horseback, trailed by courtiers on their own steeds, marching guards, and a tootling band squeezed into a decorated wagon—is out for another jaunt into the countryside surrounding the capital of Mont. Cal has positioned his assassins throughout the procession, to stay […]

Witches of East End – Melissa de la Cruz

North Hampton did not exist on any map, which made locating the small, insular community on the very edge of the Atlantic coast something of a conundrum to outsiders, who were known to wander in by chance only to find it impossible to return; so that the place, with its remarkably empty silver-sand beaches, rolling […]

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