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Fury Frayed – Melissa Haag

The rapid thump of my feet against the cement sent students scattering from the sidewalk as I sprinted from school. I needed to get home before Mom did. “It wasn’t my fault this time,” I said under my breath. I raced around the corner, navigating the route home at high speed. “She pushed me into […]

Fury Focused – Melissa Haag

In the complete silence of Girderon Academy’s secret library, my brain wanted to explode. The text explaining the numerous different types of giants and how to distinguish them, although not helping, wasn’t the sole reason for my imminent mental melt down. Too many thoughts whirled in my head. Too many to think straight. Groaning, I […]

Fury Freed – Melissa Haag

I stared down at the thin Book of Fury gripped in my hands. Finally, I had the book containing all the answers I’d been seeking. However, the fact that it had been in my house all along stirred my rage. I wanted to throw it. I wanted to yell and scream. Instead, I stood shaking […]

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