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My Steadfast Love – Melissa Limoges

LİAM MACGREGOR HEFTED his tankard for a long drink. However, naught but cool metal met his lips. He slammed the empty goblet on the trestle table and growled in annoyance. “Damnation.” The curse earned him an elbow in the ribs from his cousin, Mairi, seated on the wooden bench beside him. “What the devil was […]

My Reckless Love – Melissa Limoges

THE SLİPPER LOOSENED from Lady Arabella de Percy’s foot and plummeted into the darkness looming below her. Once the tanned leather landed on the hard-packed earth to join the first, she cursed her wretched luck. In spite of the cool autumn air, beads of sweat slid down her face and scalp. She wiped the sleeve […]

My Passionate Love – Melissa Limoges

LADY MAİRİ MACGREGOR stuck out her tongue and crossed her eyes, earning a gurgling giggle from her four-month-old nephew, Cormac William MacGregor. The sturdy, bright-eyed bairn watched her with fascination while a line of drool ran from his parted mouth. His wee, pink face lit with joy, which never ceased to ease her low spirits. […]

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