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Dusk – Melody Anne

YOU SAY YOU have faith in them. You say they’re righteous, yet you don’t believe your own words,” Vyco snarled. Josiah simply smiled at his enemy. Even though the demon’s words were piercing him, he refused to give Vyco the satisfaction of knowing it. “You won’t get me to fight you, Vyco. You wouldn’t win, […]

Shattered – Melody Anne, John Henley

“He’s baaaacccckkkkk . . .” The sing-song voice could be heard echoing down the long hallway in the hospital as Joseph Anderson stepped from the elevator and made his way to Dr. Spence Whitman’s office. He’d been in the unit two weeks prior and had caused turmoil when he’d demanded his release. The staff had […]

Stolen Innocence – Melody Anne

SHE’D NEVER BEEN with a woman before. Her stomach stirred in unease as she faced the perfect specimen before her. But it was what he wanted. No. That wasn’t true. It was what he expected — demanded. If she didn’t do what he requested from her then he would push her away, and she knew […]

Forever Lost – Melody Anne

HIS HOT BREATH rushed across the back of her neck, and though she didn’t want to react, didn’t want to feel pleasure, she couldn’t stop it anymore than she could stop a runaway boulder racing down a hill. “Why do you still fight me?” The low rumble of his voice cascaded through her system as […]

Turbulent Intrigue – Melody Anne

His adrenaline pumping, Ace Armstrong watched as the final pieces went into place in the huge house he was using as a front to draw in the heavy players in this drug cartel. There was one person he was after in particular—Anton Pavlov. He was the worst of the worst in this twisted family, having […]

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