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A Sheriff to Tame the Fiery Bride’s Heart – Melynda Carlyle

It was supposed to be like any other uneventful Monday morning. The sun had risen high in the sky, allowing the heat of its rays to fill the world with a happy warmth. On any other day, Sheriff Rodney Jacobs would have been starting his shift by taking a small patrol around town. Today, however, […]

A Mail Order Miracle for his Broken Heart – Melynda Carlyle

Nelson Dawyer sat astride his horse on the edge of the mesa, surveying the ranch below. Even from here it looked as though the storm had done quite a number on the property: sunken roofs, areas waterlogged from the flash floods, and worst of all, the busted fence line. At least from this angle he […]

A Hope Baked with Love for the Sheriff – Melynda Carlyle

Snow draped across the city like a solid, frozen frosting. A few lonely carriages rolled through the bitterly cold evening. The sound of the horses’ iron-shod hooves against the cobbles was muffled by the thick covering of white. The streetlights sent flickers of light skipping and reflecting off the crystals coating the world. In a […]

A Bride to Heal the Vet’s Tattered Heart – Melynda Carlyle

When fate had dealt its cruel hand by taking her mother years ago, Mona Whitson had become the lady of the house. It was just her and her father, and their family was poor. Despite feeling a little under the weather, Mona got up at the crack of dawn, took up her bucket and fetched […]

The Path To Tame a Wild Heart – Melynda Carlyle

Evelyn got herself ready for her day working at Pop’s Hardware Store, the place in town that her father used to run. Not anymore. He hadn’t worked there since… Evelyn couldn’t remember when. No, it was her responsibility now. Evelyn woke with the birds and, once she was ready, she made sure her father was […]

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