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Bound By Your Touch – Meredith Duran

In the garden beyond the window, afternoon sunlight spilled like honey over the graveled path and the lilac blossoms trembled in the breeze. Inside the drawing room, her own limbs felt not much steadier. Only the sight of George’s reflection in the glass gave her courage. This urbane, dignified man had forgotten to leave his […]

Wicked Becomes You – Meredith Duran

England was a wicked bitch who wished him ill. Thunder had greeted him at the pier in Southampton. On the journey north, trees split by lightning had toppled across the tracks like dominos. This morning’s swim had turned into a wrestling match with the undertow. Only now, when a storm might have been fitting, did […]

Fool Me Twice – Meredith Duran

Olivia drew up before the scene of her next crime. Was it her imagination, or did the townhouse loom? All the other mansions on this street looked polite and elegant, neatly confining themselves within rows of trimmed hedges. This house, on the other hand, sprawled. She spied a gargoyle lurking above one cornice, glowering at […]

A Lady’s Code of Misconduct – Meredith Duran

February 1860 The first sensation was light. Red, the color of hellfire. Then . . . weight. Weight compressing and lifting. Squeezing and relaxing. Breathing. Air. Nose-throat-chest. A body—flesh, his own, his mind anchored within it. He flexed his fingers. “Look!” The soft voice startled him. It came from nearby. “Did you see that? His […]

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