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Meredith Nicholson – The Madness of May

Billy Deering let himself into his father’s house near Radford Hills, Westchester County, and with a nod to Briggs, who came into the hall to take his hat and coat, began turning over the letters that lay on the table. “Mr. Hood has arrived, sir,” the servant announced. “I put him in the south guest-room.” […]

Meredith Nicholson – Otherwise Phyllis

“Stuff’s all packed, Phil, and on the wagon. Camera safe on top and your suit-case tied to the tail-gate. Shall we march?” “Not crazy about it, daddy. Why not linger another week? We can unlimber in a jiffy.” “It’s a tempting proposition, old lady, but I haven’t the nerve.” Kirkwood dropped an armful of brush […]

Meredith Nicholson – Blacksheep Blacksheep

Mrs. Howard Featherstone spent much time thinking up things for her brother Archibald Bennett to do, and as Archie was the ideal bachelor brother, always remembering the children’s birthdays and turning up dutifully for Christmas dinners, he accepted her commissions in the most amiable spirit and his services were unfailingly satisfactory. He knew perfectly well […]

Meredith Nicholson – A Hoosier Chronicle

Sylvia was reading in her grandfather’s library when the bell tinkled. Professor Kelton had few callers, and as there was never any certainty that the maid-of-all-work would trouble herself to answer, Sylvia put down her book and went to the door. Very likely it was a student or a member of the faculty, and as […]

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