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Just a Little Gamble – Merry Farmer

The best suit that Cameron Oberlin owned was far from suitable enough for a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Not even close. To begin with, he’d purchased it second-hand when John Dandie had hired him as a clerk at his law office. Not only was the style just out of date enough to be […]

The Substitute Lover – Merry Farmer

Suzanne Porterfield’s heart pounded in her chest and her breath came in short, shallow gasps as she dashed from the post office into the first shady alley she could find. She pressed her back against one side of the alley, glancing this way and that to make certain no one had noticed her. It was […]

Just a Little Seduction – Merry Farmer

WHENEVER THERE WAS a vital task to be done, David Wirth could be counted upon to do it. It had been true from David’s earliest childhood, when his hardworking parents handed him the responsibility of keeping his younger siblings out of harm in their rough-and-tumble, working-class neighborhood. It stayed true when his father had earned […]

I Kissed an Earl (and I Liked It) – Merry Farmer

It was widely known throughout County Antrim, and Ireland in general, that the O’Shea family were wicked, scandalous, and unruly in every way imaginable. Particularly the ladies of the family. Young ladies with the surname O’Shea had been causing trouble and upsetting apple carts for generations. That went double for the untamed sisters of Lord […]

Winterberry Spark – Merry Farmer

Gilbert Phillips pulled up the collar of his coat against the icy wind that blew through the West End and tucked his hands in his pockets. One street over, the bright gaslight and cheery music of London’s great theaters filled the air, bathing the whole area in its glow. An occasional peal of laughter split […]

Winterberry Fire – Merry Farmer

ada Bell stood at attention in line with the rest of the maids and footmen of Winterberry Park, trying not to shiver in the icy February breeze. She still didn’t quite understand why every servant in the house needed to stand out on display when the master of the house, Mr. Alexander Croydon, and his […]

Venetian Sunshine – Merry Farmer

As far as Lord Trent McGovern had been able to determine in the week his family had been there so far, the ancient and lauded city of Venice was one, gigantic carnival. Laughter rang through the extensive palace that was currently serving as home to the entire, extended, McGovern clan. Dozens of candles and lanterns […]

Tuscan Sunrise – Merry Farmer

If there was one thing that the all-night ball at the Villa Torrigiani taught Lady Hattie McGovern, it was that she was completely unwilling to live her life on someone else’s terms. “The food was surprisingly good for that sort of a ball,” she said to her twin cousins, Heather and Sage, as they sagged […]

The Scandal of a Perfect Kiss – Merry Farmer

Henrietta Hopewell, Marchioness of Tavistock, was one of the most powerful women in London. That fact had been undisputed for years, even before her husband died at a tragically young age, leaving her the sole guardian of young Lord Richard Tavistock, the current marquess. And while she commanded vast political resources in the capital, frequently […]

The Playful Wanton – Merry Farmer

A dolphus Gibbon, Bow Street runner, had a reputation for patience and persistence. He always caught his man in the end. But as he stood by one of the tall windows in one of what seemed like an infinite number of parlors at Hadnall Heath, the country home of Lord Rufus Herrington, staring out at […]

The Incorrigible Courtesan – Merry Farmer

The Disaster at Almack’s Assembly Rooms was only the beginning of the end for Miss Honor Barnes’s reputation. Even though she had played very little part in the crushing social faux pas her sister, Verity, had committed—standing by while Lady Charlotte Grey, a shining member of the ton, considered herself insulted beyond bearing—it was enough […]

The Holiday Hussy – Merry Farmer

Cold. Lady Alice Marlowe was freezing cold and huddled in the corner of her seat in the hired carriage that bumped and jostled along the frozen lane, heading toward Holly Manor. She could barely feel her fingers, and her toes had long since gone numb. It didn’t matter how tightly she pulled her shawl around […]

The Delectable Tart – Merry Farmer

It wasn’t fair. Sophie Barnes stood to one side of the grand parlor in her brother-in-law, the Marquess of Landsbury’s London townhome, watching the odd assortment of friends that her sisters had made over the last two months laughing, chattering, and congratulating her sister Honor on her marriage to wealthy merchant, Sebastian Boothe. Sophie stood […]

The Devilish Trollop – Merry Farmer

Hadnall Heath was the most beautiful estate Miss Felicity Murdoch had ever seen. The grand house was as magnificent as a palace in her eyes. If everything her dear friend, Lady Caroline Herrington, had written to her that spring was true—and Felicity was certain Caro would never lie, even if she was a notorious novelist […]

The Duke of Paris – Merry Farmer

It was doubtful that the Seine River had ever seen as much noise, fashion, and fuss as when the boat carrying the McGovern cousins sailed through the center of Paris. People passing on the riverwalk stopped to stare at them as they sailed past, gaping in astonishment at the bobbing collection of parasols and feathers […]

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