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Sweet to You – Mia Brody

I’m sitting on the front porch with my brothers when my phone dings with a message from my best friend. I’ve just gotten off from a full shift doing my landscaping job and I’m dead on my feet. Come pick me up, dickhead. As soon as I see the text from Lexie, I grin and […]

Sweet on You – Mia Brody

I pull my motorcycle to a stop as I recognize the broken-down truck in front of the “Welcome to Sweetgrass River” sign. There’s only one person that beat-to-hell black Ford belongs to. Joshua Rawlins, my high school crush. Not that he ever gave little June Abbott anything but the “we’re good friends” speech. Yanking off […]

Sweet for You – Mia Brody

“There you go, Mrs. Carson,” I say as I deposit the last of the brown paper bags on her kitchen table. The elderly woman struggles to do her shopping, so I usually help her out by bringing groceries. “Do you want a slice of my lemon cake?” She asks. My mouth waters at the thought […]

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