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The Warrior’s Wager – Mia Pride

This was where she felt most at peace. Deep in the uninhabited forest with nobody around to nag at her or tell her how to live or how a real lass should act, dress, or behave. The wind howled all around as it shook the thick branches above, causing the leaves to rustle soothingly while […]

The Warrior’s Salvation – Mia Pride

“By the gods man. You will never get a lass into your bed if you continue to scowl down into the bottom of your ale mug.” A strong hand came down and clapped Jeoffrey between the shoulder blades and his grimace deepened. Would his best mate ever leave him be? “I care not for any […]

The Lone Wolf’s Lass – Mia Pride

K eegan Mac Carthaigh! Untie me this instant!” Brianna shouted as she stomped her leather slippers with all her strength. Against the soggy forest floor, all she accomplished was covering her newest slippers in a layer of mud and displacing a few wet leaves. She struggled against her binds but, as usual, they were quite […]

The Last Wolfe Lass – Mia Pride

TEARS STREAMED DOWN her cheeks and her throat burned from the acrid smell of smoke so thick, the entire world seemed to be engulfed by its haze. Coughs tore at her lungs and she dropped to her knees, desperate for relief from her agony. Clawing at the ground, she felt clumps of dirt crumble in […]

Maid for the Knight – Mia Pride

A WHİSTLE LOUD enough to wake the dead made him yelp with fear and quickly scramble out of his bed, tripping over the tangle of sheets around his small feet. Shouts followed by footsteps echoed down the hall just outside his chamber. Dunnottar was under attack! Grabbing the wooden sword his papa had made just […]

Like a Laird to a Flame – Mia Pride

TEMPLES THROBBİNG, HE closed his eyes and slowly nodded, no longer knowing what he was even nodding about. No treaty was worth this torture. His clan laughed in the hall of Dunnottar Castle while enjoying a meal, but all William Keith could hear was the incessant blathering of the child beside him, brought to him […]

Jilted and Kilted – Mia Pride

“Curse it all, Ruby!” Papa slammed his fist on the intricately carved wooden banister for what felt like the hundredth time that night, the vein in his neck throbbing as it did when she defied him, which seemed to be more and more as of late. “William and the other guests will be here shortly […]

For Love of a Laird – Mia Pride

THE FİRE FROM the hearth leapt at the chance to devour the parchment, wax seal, and all. The moment her eyes saw the crest of the Laird of Drum Castle, home of their rival clan, her skin had begun to crawl. No doubt the missive had been delivered bearing the unwelcome news she had dreaded […]

Beast of the Bay – Mia Pride

IN THE YEAR of our Lord 854, a wee lad by the name of Arthur MacAlpin set out on an adventure that would turn the tides of his fortune, for what could be more exciting than being feared and showered with gold? Arthur wanted to be king. A sovereign as great as King Arthur, who […]

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