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The Cardinal Sin – Mia Smantz

The cabin lacked light and warmth—especially in the cellar. To be honest, it was downright dull too. The place could use sprucing up if the owner planned to “entertain” other guests in the future. I held my breath as a spider made its way across the cracked cement floor. All eight of its hairy, demonic […]

The Cardinal Bird – Mia Smantz

Karl Westphal slammed his hands on the conference table. “Dammit! How many more people are going to have to die!” He pinched the bridge of his nose before he opened his eyes once more. He glanced around the room meeting the eyes of the Delta teams before him. He took a deep breath and let […]

Cardinal Rose – Mia Smantz

“Don’t move!” the large man shouted in Russian. “Drop your gun to the ground!” My hands shook as I brought them forward. A quick glance at Veseli showed that he’d moved farther into the shadows, telling me to keep the men occupied with a curt nod. The only light this far down in the shaft […]

Cardinal of Hope – Mia Smantz

Goosebumps prickled my skin, raising up and down my arms in the overcooled room. The office was already near frigid temperatures, and I could still hear the AC running. I was at Delta, the secret facility established by the CIA for their agents to work outside the laws and red tape. That could be bad, […]

Cardinal Caged – Mia Smantz

It was dangerously hot in the school, a ticking time-bomb waiting to go of . Tempers were abnormally short and quick to boil. My bully, Bryan Weltz, had already been in three fights—all undetected by teachers. I was doing my best to stay of his radar. Of course, that was the least of my troubles […]

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