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A Wicked Kind of Husband – Mia Vincy

The trouble began with brandy. Or perhaps it was fairer to say—fairer to the brandy, at least, which ought not be blamed for all human failings—that the trouble was already there, and the brandy simply brought it to light. Cassandra was not personally familiar with the effects of brandy, but as she stood in the […]

A Dangerous Kind of Lady – Mia Vincy

Fifteen minutes into the Prince Regent’s costume party, and Arabella was reaching the conclusion that she would not make a very good spy. Which was unfortunate, as “become a spy” topped her list of things to do if her father disinherited her. For the most part, she surely qualified for the job—she excelled at knowing […]

A Beastly Kind of Earl – Mia Vincy

Thea Knight had never been one to follow rules unquestioningly—or at all, if she could help it—but she always adhered to three firm rules of her own. Namely, her Rules of Mischief. First, mischief must be conducted only for a good cause—and certainly, Thea’s present mischief served no lesser cause than her younger sister’s happiness. […]

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