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Scholar of Magic – Michael G. Manning

Will stared up at the towering stone edifice that loomed over him and the other workers. The Lanover Dam was a massive structure that rose eighty feet above where he currently stood, at the base on the downstream side. Not stone, concrete, he reminded himself silently, using the term from his engineering class. It looked […]

Disciple of War – Michael G. Manning

Breakfast was disappointing. Will had woken up late and when he finished dressing and came down, he discovered Selene waiting for him at the dining table. She pointed at his plate, which sat opposite hers at the table. He grimaced as he saw the contents—poached eggs, toasted bread, and a sausage that someone had sliced […]

The Choice of Magic – Michael G. Manning

Will, along with most of the other children, followed the carriage as it rolled through the village. Newcomers of any sort were always a major event, but a gilded carriage was big news. He had never seen anything like it before. Unlike a wagon, the carriage was entirely enclosed, and it was constructed with such […]

Secrets and Spellcraft – Michael G. Manning

Will had never been to school, any school, so he wasn’t sure what he had expected. It certainly wasn’t what he saw as the king’s carriage drove past the guard station at the college’s main entrance. The gate nestled securely within a formidable wall that rose thirty feet in height. He felt as though he […]

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