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The Most Eligible Highlander in Scotland – Michele Sinclair

“Chruitheachd! The damn man’s naked! I told you to stay hidden and wait for me, not pull a sword on him.” Conan arched a brow at the angry older man yelling at his younger redheaded companion. Conan kept his expression unconcerned as the man’s dark eyes wandered cautiously down his completely exposed body. He was […]

Seducing the Highlander – Michele Sinclair

He was definitely caught. And unfortunately not in just any trap. This fiendish one held no escape. That he had not seen the blatant plot as it gradually ensnared him was humiliating enough, but that he was a McTiernay caught by a Schellden was a derision he would suffer for several years—if not decades. Craig’s […]

Never Kiss a Highlander – Michele Sinclair

“Woman, did you not hear that?” Conor groaned as his wife ignored the muffled thump of the tower door closing. Laurel ignored the question and continued to let her fingers explore the dark hairs of her husband’s upper chest. She nibbled on his ear, ignoring the distinct sound of sluggish footsteps coming up the stairwell. […]

How to Marry a Highlander – Michele Sinclair

April 1317, Loch Coire Fionnaraich “Now that is a man,” Adanel murmured to herself, brushing a stray lock of her wet, unruly, embarrassingly red hair out of her eyes to get a better look. Sitting astride his horse, the handsome figure had light brown hair, a strong jawline, and an upper body that would make […]

Desiring the Highlander – Michele Sinclair

Damn, I loved wedding receptions. Parties must’ve been in my blood because I seemed to flourish at them. There was just something about the noise and energy and hint of wild abandon that got my engines revving. And no better place could I make a spectacle of myself, projecting the image I wanted everyone to […]

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