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Cast in Wisdom – Michelle Sagara

The major disadvantage of being host to over a dozen people who had no need for something as trivial as sleep was that there was no real private time in the house. There was often silence, but it was full of people. The majority of Kaylin’s current guests could speak among themselves without ever opening […]

Cast in Oblivion – Michelle Sagara

The Consort was coming to dinner. Hurried attempts to cancel that dinner—for obvious reasons—met with no resistance. Unfortunately, they met with no response whatsoever. Kaylin had, with Bellusdeo’s help, attempted to use the Imperial messenger service to relay news of the cancellation, but to no avail. The Consort was not within the High Halls. Kaylin […]

Cast in Flight – Michelle Sagara

Morning was not Kaylin’s friend. Helen’s Avatar stood in front of the open bedroom door, her expression as pinched as it ever got. Sentient buildings were in most ways a living marvel, but they definitely had their drawbacks. “I’m not hungry,” Kaylin told Helen as she dragged herself out of bed. “I need sleep more […]

Cast in Deception – Michelle Sagara

“You wake her up.” Kaylin’s eyelids felt glued shut. She opened them anyway. Above her head, a tiny dragon appeared to be running in place. “Why me? It’s not my decision that’s causing the difficulty!” That was definitely Mandoran. She didn’t immediately reach for the dagger under her pillow. She did, however, push herself into […]

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