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Forbidden Night with the Warrior – Michelle Willingham

England—1174 ‘You cannot ask this of me.’ Rosamund de Courcy stared at her husband in disbelieving shock. ‘It is a sin.’ Alan de Courcy, the Baron of Pevensham, leaned back against the pillow of their bed. His brown hair hung limply against his face, and his grey eyes were shielded with unending pain. He had […]

A Viking Maiden for the Marquess – Michelle Willingham

NORWAY, 811 Katarina Larsdottir strode along the rocky shoreline, the cool summer air biting her skin. The sun was descending into the sea, its rays gleaming upon the dark waters brushed with crimson. With every stride, she kept her hand upon the blade at her waist. For she dreamed of vengeance. In her memories, she […]

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