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The Music of Love – Minerva Spencer, S. M. LaViolette

PORTİA STEFANİ PULLED her gaze from the moonlit countryside beyond the carriage window and stared at the well-worn letter she clutched in her hand. She’d read it so often that she’d memorized it, but she still needed to look at the words. She’d done the right thing, hadn’t she? Dear Signore Stefani, The Stark Employment […]

Scandalous – Minerva Spencer

Martín drummed his fingers on the gleaming wooden railing and stared at the Dutch ship. The vessel was upwind and too far away to smell the stench, but Martín could imagine it. The pitiful cries of the slaves were another matter. Those he could hear even from this distance. The dirty business of slaving was […]

Dangerous – Minerva Spencer

London, 1811 Euphemia Marlington considered poisoning the Duke of Carlisle. After all, in the harem poison was a perfectly reasonable solution to one’s problems. Unfortunately, poison was not the answer to this particular problem. First, she had no poison, or any idea how one acquired such a thing in this cold, confusing country. Second, and […]

Barbarous – Minerva Spencer

Sussex, England, early 1811 Daphne’s head rang louder, but less joyously, than the twelve bells of St. Paul’s—perhaps headbutting Cousin Malcolm in the face had not been the best decision? The thought had barely entered her head when agonizing pain drove it out again. Black spots danced in front of her eyes and she clutched […]

A Second Chance for Love – Minerva Spencer

Justin squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his eyelids—hard—the soft leather of his gloves cool on his hot skin. But when he opened his eyes, she was still standing there. “Well I’ll be damned,” he murmured. He closed the door to his carriage with a soft click and slumped back against it, unable to move […]

A Figure of Love – Minerva Spencer & S. M. LaViolette

Kent 1817 Gareth Lockheart looked down at the snuffling brown and white balls of fur in some perplexity. “Do I really need so many?” he asked the Honorable Sandford Featherstone. The puppies stirred and whimpered at the sound of his voice and the mother dog—or bitch, Gareth supposed she was called—gave him a look of […]

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