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My Fugitive Prince – Miriam Minger

“Where are you, Prince Valentin? Where are you?” Estelle Easton had shouted at the top of her lungs from where she stood looking out across a glistening Mount’s Bay. The wind whipped at her waist-length auburn hair, the water’s surface blinding in the noonday sun. Of course no one could have heard her. The deafening […]

My Forbidden Duchess – Miriam Minger

“My son, it’s a miracle you’re home again! Such a miracle!” A miracle or a curse, Walker considered wryly, though he could not help but be moved by his father’s sincerity. His father, Charles Scott, the Duke of Summerlin, no less. Not a royal duke, but a duke all the same, the hereditary title granted […]

Lords of Ireland II Anthology – Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, Hildie McQueen, Anna Markland, Kimberly Cates, Miriam Minger

Leinster Coast, Wicklow County, Ireland March, 1323 A.D. THE İNVASİON HAD been a disaster from the beginning. Waves crashed and thunder rolled. The English never stood a chance as the vicious storm bashed them against the rocky Irish coast. More than that, an entire army of five thousand angry Irishmen had been waiting for them, […]

Kari – Miriam Minger

“Child, if you clutch that letter any tighter, there’ll be nothing left of it.” Kari Hagen started in surprise from looking out the window at the rolling countryside to noticing the tiny wisp of an elderly woman seated opposite her. She had been so lost in her whirling thoughts, every clack of the train tracks […]

Ingrid – Miriam Minger

“May I go now, Miss Hagen? I’ve written what you wanted me to on the blackboard fifty times.” Ingrid nodded. She felt so miserable that she’d been made to punish seven-year-old David Logan, but she hadn’t known what else to do. The boy had seemed bent today upon cutting up in class, not reading his […]

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