Tag: Monica McCarty

The Arrow – Monica McCarty

Cate thought nothing could be worse than the hideous wails and screams of the dying, but she was wrong. The silence of the dead was infinitely worse. Huddled in the damp blackness of the old well, she rocked back and forth in icy, shivery terror, trying not to think about where she was or what […]

Highlander Unchained – Monica McCarty

On a cold winters day nearly a hundred years gone past, a curse was born. Lady Elizabeth Campbell Maclean wouldnt beg. Not for his love, and not for her life. But she was scared. More scared than shed ever been in her preciously short life. Six and twenty was far too young to die. With […]

Highland Crossfire – Monica McCarty

Annie MacGregor glanced at the man with the black expression on his face climbing the sea-gate stairs beside her and elbowed him in the ribs. Hard. “Ouch! Damn it, Annie,” her brother said with a scowl. “What in Hades was that for?” “You promised to have fun,” she replied with a black scowl of her […]

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