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Trick – Natalia Jaster

Come here, my sweeting. I have a story to share. I shall amuse you, I promise. ’Tis what I do best. If you consider my costume, with its frills and thrills, ’twill be more obvious. Ay, come to me, and fear not, for I’m renowned. My nails are groomed, my skin is fair, and my […]

Lie – Natalia Jaster

Once upon a time, there lived a liar. In the Kingdom of Autumn, she’d been crafted from the trees and had a nut-shaped heart. She was conceited. She was mean. And yes, she told lies. A hell of a lot. Why would this girl deserve a fairytale of her own? Girls like her didn’t merit […]

Dare – Natalia Jaster

They marked me with paint. It was a molten paint, and they dabbed it into my skin with a brush, its bristles made to endure the heat. The smell hit me before the burn did, but I’d been screaming for a while by then—as they’d dragged me across the beach, into the castle, up the […]

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