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The Devious Seduction of a Wayward Duke – Olivia Bennet

Oliver Fulton, the Duke of Dowding, sighed, and then turned to his steward. “Your Grace, I’m sorry for interrupting you while you are working.” “It’s fine,” Oliver replied, lifting his head and turning towards the voice of Gerard Wright, the steward who had served him for the past decade. Oliver saw the short, stout, greying, […]

Tempting the Ruined Duke – Olivia Bennet

The funeral chapel his mother had chosen was agreeable. That was no surprise – even as far as Munboro was from London, they still attracted a wellspring of competent labor. His father had worked hard to make sure the town was prospering. He was to be buried in the large burial ground behind the chapel […]

Secret Confessions of the Enticing Duchess – Olivia Bennet

Lady Martha Stanley sat in the sun room, embroidering a cushion when the butler, Forbes, brought in Lady Rosaline Hoskins’ calling card. She smiled with pleasure, expecting her visit, and bade Forbes to send her in. Lady Rosaline swayed into the room, leaning in to touch her cheek to Martha’s. “Your ladyship,” she murmured, straightening […]

Lusting for the Broken Earl – Olivia Bennet

The Earl of Wiltshire was having a flashback. Allan realized he was having it, yet it was never easy for him to come back to reality. After fighting in the Battle of Waterloo and seeing the terrors of war, his entire life was shaken. Allan struggled against the visions in his head. He could hear […]

Improperly Enticed By the Rascal Earl – Olivia Bennet

His leg jogged up and down as his anxiety made his heart race. He hated this. Hated feeling this way. Hated feeling so out of control. What is taking so long? Edwin Bolton, the Earl of Morrington, sat in his godmother’s formal parlor, awaiting her arrival. Elizabeth Rochester, the Duchess of Cantham, tended to keep […]

Guilty Pleasures of a Bluestocking – Olivia Bennet

Miss Deborah Wilds founds herself pacing up and down the parlor in her father’s manor. She felt edgy with anticipation. Each time she passed the window, she peeked through the glass, hoping to catch sight of a carriage. No sign of him yet. All she could see was the long, neatly manicured path at the […]

For the Lust of a Rogue – Olivia Bennet

T he carriage rumbled forward, every now and then bumping harshly from unevenness in the country road. Lady Caroline Beauchamp, the daughter of the Earl of Brighney, moved in her seat, feeling nauseous from this seemingly endless journey. She had made the mistake of trying to read for the remainder of the trip to London, […]

Fiery Tales of a Sinless Lady – Olivia Bennet

I t was the night of the annual ball held by Lord and Lady Grimshaw at their massive country estate. The party was already underway by the time Lady Celine Bloomington arrived, on the arm of her father, John Bloomington, the Earl of Rexham. They had shown up fashionably late, and the dancing had already […]

An Untamed Governess for the Rogue – Olivia Bennet

A stormy gray sky loomed overhead as the carriage trundled along the country roads, the wheels bouncing over every stone and rut. Miss Teresa Dowels clung on for dear life, her heart lurching with every jolt, splintering her already fractured nerves. The coach had arrived earlier that morning, in the wilds of Cumbria, and was […]

An Immoral Dilemma for the Scandalous Lady – Olivia Bennet

Duncan Boltmon, The Duke of Bentley, observed the children playing with a proud smile on his face. It was the height of summer, the fleets were on voyage, and finances had never been better. His own sons, Evan and Owen, were boisterous but mindful of their learning. Their play fighting included all the noble standards […]

A Wicked Earl She Can’t Resist – Olivia Bennet

Emily sat on an old damp crate, reading aloud to the three children who were paying her absolutely no mind. Farmer John Carter paid her three pennies to watch them while their mother was off to market. They were quite the handful and sometimes Emily wondered if it was worth the aggravation. At the moment, […]

A Vixen for the Devilish Duke – Olivia Bennet

Adelia Raby’s hands were red from all the scrubbing she’d been doing in the cold. She was used to it and didn’t let that, or the little cut on her thumb, stop her from completing her task. She still had a whole bunch of children’s clothes to wash and the winter sun would be setting […]

A Sinful Duke she can’t Refuse – Olivia Bennet

Diana Addison, Viscountess of Gefferton sat down at the table to write to her dear friend Helen, who she had not seen since they were both debutantes, nigh on thirty years ago. She paused, marveling at how fast time flew. The last time they were together, both were unmarried and breathlessly hopeful of catching a […]

A Seductive Lady for the Scarred Earl – Olivia Bennet

A lone shaft of milky moonlight cut through the bedroom, slashing across the drowsy face of Lady Barbara Cluett as she turned over in her bed. Though she was only partly awake, some distant part of her was aware of the large grandfather clock downstairs tolling midnight. Twelve somber tolls, announcing to no one that […]

A Ravishing Night with the Mysterious Earl – Olivia Bennet

You cannot hide from me. I will have you for myself. Peter Sheton, the Marquess of Beaurgant, prowled the halls of Cowden Manor, in search of the young lady who had caught his eye. It was not only her looks that had captivated him with such intensity, but the fortune that would undoubtedly come with […]

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