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His Wicked Wish – Olivia Drake

Upon entering Lady Milford’s London town house for the first time in ten years, Nathan Atwood had no notion that his aversion to marriage was about to undergo a dramatic reversal. Rainwater dripped from his wet garments onto the marble floor of the foyer. A puddle formed around his black boots. As he tossed his […]

Forever My Duke – Olivia Drake

Hadrian Ames, the eighth Duke of Clayton, shut the door against the noise of the taproom. With a jaundiced eye, he surveyed the cramped confines of the private parlor. This delay had wreaked havoc with his schedule. He’d departed London at dawn in order to arrive in time to take dinner with the family of […]

Fire on the Wind – Olivia Drake

London, December 24, 1836 onight his mother would finally love him. Damien Coleridge patted the gift in his pocket, the gift he’d spent hours perfecting. The rustle of the paper reassured him. Poking his small face between the scrolled posts of the balustrade, he peered down at the foyer. The chandelier threw diamonds of light […]

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