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Storm Cursed – Patricia Briggs

So what did you do, Mary Jo?” called Ben in his crisp British accent. Mary Jo shut her car door and started toward us and toward the mountainous metal barn that Ben and I waited beside. She gave Ben a quelling frown, and waited to speak until she had come up to us. She asked, […]

Smoke Bitten – Patricia Briggs

“ARE YOU OKAY, MERCY?” TAD ASKED ME AS HE DISCONNECTED the wiring harness from the headlight of the 2000 Jetta we were working on. We were replacing a radiator. To do that, we had to take the whole front clip off. It was a rush case on a couple of fronts. The owner had been […]

Wild Sign – Patricia Briggs

Sissy Connors, PhD, checked her GPS, adjusted her backpack, and continued her trek into the mountains. Common sense told her there must have been an easier way, but none of the trails on the USGS map seemed to go exactly where she needed to travel. She was an experienced hiker—her doctorate was in botany and […]

Raven’s Strike – Patricia Briggs

In the eighth year of the Reign of Phoran, Twenty-Sixth of that name, the Sept of Leheigh died.His son, Avar, long having lived in Taela as a boon comrade of the young Emperor, traveled to the estate the Sept, his father, had bequeathed him. Hidden among those who traveled with the new Sept were a […]

Raven’s Shadow – Patricia Briggs

“It’s not far now, my lad, ” said Tier. “That’s smoke ahead, not just mist—we’ll find a nice village inn where we can warm up.” His horse snorted at him in reply, or more likely at a bothersome drop of rain, and continued its steady progress down the trail. The horse, like the sword Tier […]

Hunting Ground – Patricia Briggs

SHE observed him from her chosen cover, as she’d done twice before. The first two times he’d been chopping wood, but today, after a heavy snowfall appropriate for the middle of December, he was shoveling the sidewalk. Today was the day she’d take him. Heart in her mouth, she watched as he cleared the snow […]

Fair Game – Patricia Briggs

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Leslie. The year she turned eight, two things happened: her mother left Leslie and her father to move to California with a stockbroker; and, in the middle of a sensational murder trial, the fae of story and song admitted to their existence. Leslie never heard […]

Dead Heat – Patricia Briggs

The fae lord stalked back and forth in his cell of gray stone. Three steps, turn, four steps, turn, three steps. He could do it all day. Had, in fact, done it for two weeks. His boots were soft and he made no sound as he paced. Sound distracted him unduly from his purpose—which was […]

Cry Wolf – Patricia Briggs

NO one knew better than Walter Rice that the only safe place was away from other people. Safe for them, that is. The only problem was that he still needed them, needed the sound of human voices and laughter. To his shame, he sometimes hovered on the edge of one of the campgrounds just to […]

Burn Bright – Patricia Briggs

Once upon a time, there was a small spring that, touched by the earth’s spirit, bore a scattering of magic sparkled in its cold, pure water. It was only a little magic, but it brought good things into the world—tiny bits of goodness born of the tiny bits of magic. There is a certain sort […]

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