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Broken Souls – Patricia Gibney

The four-year-old boy tore off the paper and pushed the sweet into his mouth. The toffee stuck to his baby teeth. He tried to extract it with a finger. The toffee stuck to his fingers and he began to cry. The slap of the ruler across his knuckles caught him by surprise and momentarily stopped […]

The Missing Ones – Patricia Gibney

Susan Sullivan was on her way to meet the one person she was most scared of. A walk, yes, a walk would do her good. Out into the daylight, away from the suffocation of her house, away from her own tumbling thoughts. She pushed in her iPod earphones, pulled on a dark woolly hat, tightened […]

The Lost Child – Patricia Gibney

‘You have to be quiet. Please. Don’t cry again.’ ‘But… but she hurt me. I want to go back to our other mummy.’ ‘Shh. Shh. I do too. But if we’re good, this mummy won’t hurt us. You have to be really, really good.’ More crying. ‘Too hard to be good. I’m so hungry. Hic… […]

Tell Nobody – Patricia Gibney

The smell of smoke from the chimneys in the housing estate clogged her throat. She hurried on, and tried to keep a tally of the seconds and minutes as they passed. But she became confused and lost count as another pain pierced her abdomen. She fell to her knees, her hands gripping her belly. Street […]

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