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A Convenient Escape – Penny Fairbanks

B CHAPTER 1 June 1831 eth watched the handsome young man seated beside her, his thick blond locks brushing against his forehead in a very charming way. He smiled as he spoke, his words going in one of Beth’s ears and out the other. She offered a pleasant smile of her own, though it did […]

Harriet’s Proposal – Penny Fairbanks

H C H A P T E R 1 arriet smiled at her reflection in the full-length mirror. She looked rather pretty in her wonderful cream gown embroidered with delicate green leaves that perfectly complemented her eyes. She would have to thank her dear sister-in-law, Eloise, a highly talented seamstress, for the suggestion of adding […]

Patrick’s Arrangement – Penny Fairbanks

The sound of the tinkling bell signaling a customer’s arrival immediately set Eloise’s nerves on edge. She could hear that blasted sound even from the workroom in the back of the shop. Of course, she supposed it was not difficult to hear even the faintest of sounds in this lifeless place. The lonely whispers of […]

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