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Eight Perfect Murders – Peter Swanson

The front door opened, and I heard the stamp of the FBI agent’s feet on the doormat. It had just begun to snow, and the air that rushed into the store was heavy and brimming with energy. The door shut behind the agent. She must have been just outside when she’d called because it had […]

Before She Knew Him – Peter Swanson

The two couples met at a neighborhood block party, the third Saturday in September. Hen hadn’t wanted to go, but Lloyd convinced her. “It’s just down the street. If you hate it, you can turn around and come straight back.” “That’s exactly what I can’t do,” Hen said. “I need to stay at least an […]

All the Beautiful Lies – Peter Swanson

Now Harry was briefly blinded—the bright May sun hitting just the right spot on his windshield—as he turned onto the crushed-shell driveway of the house in Kennewick Village. He pulled his Civic next to the orange Volvo station wagon—a car his father had loved—and covered his face with his hands and almost cried. Alice, his […]

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