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Silent Love – Quinn Ryder

“Reid Kyler Nichols, get your big behind back in here. You aren’t getting on that death trap!” My mother’s screeching could be heard from every corner of our neighborhood. Her apprehension when it came to me riding a motorcycle was exhausting, but I was determined to follow in my father’s footsteps, riding alongside his brothers […]

Mateo – Quinn Ryder

“What do you fucking mean he’s gone?” I held Stefán, my older brother’s bodyguard, by the shirt, my eyes dancing with unbridled rage. When a shipment of our imported maple syrup went untouched, I knew something was wrong. My brother Arnar had moved to Mexico as part of a deal with my father. If he […]

Cipher’s Code – Quinn Ryder

Thank you so much for giving my book Cipher’s Code a chance. If you’re receiving this book and had it pre-ordered, please check Amazon on your kindle for an Update. During the timeline I was writing this book, my mother fell ill, and I didn’t have any time to edit it before the upload date. […]

Emilio – Quinn Ryder

The rain pelted heavily against the frosted glass of my bedroom window. I often found myself staring out into the darkness, especially when it rained. Rain was like the sky’s filthy tears, leaking out its emotional baggage as it poured down from the heavens above, soaking its weak-minded subjects below. It was raining the night […]

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