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The Poppy War – R.F. Kuang

“Take your clothes off.” Rin blinked. “What?” The proctor glanced up from his booklet. “Cheating prevention protocol.” He gestured across the room to a female proctor. “Go with her, if you must.” Rin crossed her arms tightly across her chest and walked toward the second proctor. She was led behind a screen, patted thoroughly to […]

The Dragon Republic – R.F. Kuang

“Come on,” Mingzha begged. “Please, I want to see.” Nezha seized his brother by his chubby wrist and pulled him back from the shallows. “We’re not allowed to go past the lily pads.” “But don’t you want to know?” Mingzha whined. Nezha hesitated. He, too, wanted to see what lay in the caves around the […]

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