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No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished – Rachel Aaron

Chelsie, youngest daughter of Bethesda the Heartstriker, knelt prostrate on the black marble floor. Beside her, her mother, adorned in Aztec gold from head to toe, knelt even lower, pressing her crowned forehead against the cold stone as she wept tragic, beautiful tears that somehow left the dark paint around her eyes perfectly intact. It […]

Nice Dragons Finish Last – Rachel Aaron

It was a very ugly house. Two stories tall with a cheap yellow stucco finish and a roof sagging under the weight of the mismatched clay tiles, it stood alone in the vast expanse of the Nevada desert at the end of a long road meant to hold a hundred more just like it. But […]

One Good Dragon Deserves Another – Rachel Aaron

Svena, Terror of the Winter Sea, White Witch of the Three Sisters, and acting head of the world’s oldest and still most powerful dragon clan, was awake before noon, and she wasn’t happy about it. She was even less happy to be awake and alone, sulking in the middle of Ian’s giant bed while she […]

A Dragon of a Different Color – Rachel Aaron

One thousand years ago. The immortals were dying. Algonquin lay at the very bottom of her lakes, tendrils of water frantically probing the silt for the source of the terrible emptiness creeping through her. It was a desperate search, and a futile one, because Algonquin knew the problem couldn’t be here. This was the realm […]

Last Dragon Standing – Rachel Aaron

On a night in late summer, on a beach somewhere along the Pacific coast of South America, Brohomir and Amelia sat together in the sweltering heat with their feet dug into the cool, wet sand, watching the waves crest in the moonlight. As usual, Amelia was drinking from a bone flask full of something that […]

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