Tag: Rachel Alexander

Receiver of Many – Rachel Alexander

SHE LOOKED SKYWARD AND blinked back tears, determined not to let them fall on the infant’s head. If Demeter shed tears, who knew what terrible consequences her sorrow would have on the newborn child? The ten-year war was over. Father Kronos was cast into Tartarus along with the other Titans, monsters, and demons of the […]

Destroyer of Light – Rachel Alexander

“JUST A LİTTLE FURTHER, my love… a little further.” The rabbit pelts bundled around his feet had kept out the snow, but not the cold. The wet leather straps holding those flimsy wrappings around his ankles chafed and bit into his skin. “Why…” “There’s food ahead in Eleusis,” Dimitris said. “Everyone says so.” She stumbled, […]

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