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Bitter Falls – Rachel Caine

It was just coming up morning when they fetched him from the cell. He’d spent all night on his knees shivering in the cold in that thin white nightgown they’d made him wear. The few times he’d fallen asleep, a prod from the barrel of a rifle had been enough to wake him right up. […]

Sword and Pen – Rachel Caine

Brendan was dead, and Jess’s world was broken. He’d never known a moment without his twin existing somewhere, a distant warmth on the horizon, but now . . . now he shivered, alone, with his dead brother held close against his chest. So much silence in the world now. He’s still warm, Jess thought, and […]

Ash and Quill – Rachel Caine

Books burned so easily. Paper tanned in the fluttering heat, then sparked sullen red at the edges. Flames left fragile curls of ash. Leather bindings smoked and shriveled and blackened, just like burning flesh. Jess Brightwell watched the fire climb the pyramid of books and willed himself not to flinch as each layer caught. His […]

Wolfhunter River – Rachel Caine

Four days ago When Ellie White’s teacher, Mrs. Willingham, told her that her driver was coming early to pick her up from school, Ellie knew it wasn’t the whole truth. Mr. Lou never came early to get her, not unless she was sick. “Why?” she asked. She liked asking questions when things didn’t make sense. […]

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