Tag: Raye Wagner

Midnight Kisses – Leia Stone, Raye Wagner

THE LATE SUMMER BREEZE, unusually hot and dry for Montana, washed over me, bending the tall grass. Mixed with the scent of lavender and lilac, my father’s musky scent hit me, followed by the sound of his heavy footfalls. I’d shifted back to human after a run in the woods, and my skin still tingled; […]

Blood Oath – Raye Wagner

What’s on the menu tonight, Ryn?” a man heckled from the far end of the crowded bar. I didn’t acknowledge him straightaway, sliding two hazy tankards of Dyter’s brew to a couple men still too young to be enlisted. I glanced across the crowded room, wiping my hands on my apron. Recognizing the hunched man, […]

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