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Spinster and Spice – Rebecca Connolly

“Izzy, where did I put the ribbons I bought last week?” “At your toilette, Mama, by your hairbrush.” “I was just at my toilette, and they were not there.” “Are you sure?” “Of course I’m sure, Isabella, I know what I saw.” Izzy laid her book in her lap, keeping her finger on the page, […]

My Fair Spinster – Rebecca Connolly

“Miss Morledge, it’s a crime to have you sitting in the corner at an event like this.” Grace looked up at Georgiana Allen and Isabella Lambert, who now stood before her with friendly expressions. They’d met on several occasions, usually while occupying the same space, though they had never met outside of public events. Still, […]

God Rest Ye Merry Spinster – Rebecca Connolly

“Really Elinor, you should find yourself some friends of your own to spend time with.” “I have friends, Emma, and they all wish to spend their time speaking of courtship and gentlemen and weddings, though none of them have understandings or beaux. It’s the silliest bunch of tittle-tattle you’ve ever heard, and I quite tire […]

Fall from Trace – Rebecca Connolly

“Torchon! Torchon!” A swift kick to already tender ribs made Alexander Sommerville wake with a grunt, though the sound was weak and pitiful. “What?” he coughed, his eyes scrunching up even though the evening light was fading. “Don’t you talk back!” Another kick came at him, and he tensed, moaning at the impact. It was […]

By Hook or By Rook – Rebecca Connolly

“I need a favor.” Jeremy Pratt hated those words more than perhaps any others in the English language. It typically did not bode well for him to be on the receiving end of such a thing, and it was never a good thing when the favors came at the behest of his colleagues. One of […]

A Tip of the Cap – Rebecca Connolly

There were very few things over which Malcolm Colerain, Earl of Montgomery, did not have control. He was fortunate enough to have the sort of calm, collected persona that enabled him to see with clarity and act accordingly no matter the situation or the distraction surrounding him. He exerted authority and control out of pure […]

A Rogue About Town – Rebecca Connolly

“Thank you so much, Rogue. You don’t know how much it means to me.” Gabriel Statler barely avoided snorting as he tipped his hat to the teary woman whose name he couldn’t actually remember and tried to get away as fast as he could. “Fank you, Wogue!” called the little boy whose stupid folly had […]

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