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The Contract Bride – Regina Darcy

Miss Josephina Darling, the eldest daughter of Baron Huntington, wondered crossly whether it was worse to endure the clammy-handed wooing of Mr Thomas Ruckner, the vicar of Huntington Green, or to stave off the amorous intentions of Lord Chester Devon, the Baron of Crincklewood. After long contemplation, she concluded that the baron was the worst […]

Second Time Around – Regina Darcy

“Yes, Milady.” Ernest Ochsbury, the solicitor who handled the Viscount Randstand business matters, straightened the papers in front of him. “The Viscount of Randstand has been declared deceased by the courts. Lord Micah is now the Viscount. You, of course, retain your title and will do so for some time, as Lord Micah is but […]

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