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The Beautiful – Renee Ahdieh

New Orleans is a city ruled by the dead. I remember the moment I first heard someone say this. The old man meant to frighten me. He said there was a time when coffins sprang from the ground following a heavy rain, the dead flooding the city streets. He claimed to know of a Créole […]

Smoke in the Sun – Renee Ahdieh

Somber clouds waited above, like specters. Most of the people had donned funereal grey. Their heads were lowered in respect, their voices hushed. Even the smallest of children knew better than to ask why. This was the honor afforded their recently deceased emperor. The honor of their extreme reverence and their unwavering love. A reverence—a […]

Okami – Renee Ahdieh

kami sat in the corner of the makeshift wagon, his eyes closed. He let the cool night air fill his lungs, the tang of iron lingering on his tongue. A gust of wind taunted him as it riffled his hair. He shifted his pose. Cricked his neck. The chains around his wrists and ankles clanked […]

Flame in the Mist – Renee Ahdieh

In the beginning, there were two suns and two moons. The boy’s sight blurred before him, seeing past the truth. Past the shame. He focused on the story his uba had told him the night before. A story of good and evil, light and dark. A story where the triumphant sun rose high above its […]

Because You Love to Hate Me – Renee Ahdieh

Everywhere Rhone walked, the nightmares followed. Colorless creatures slunk at his sides, unseen from all save him. They whispered. Near and around him, their cold breaths pressed against his ear. Sometimes he could understand their mutterings: Who are you? Nobody. What have you achieved? Nothing. Other times they were the lost language of a faraway […]

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