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Richard Kadrey – Zombie

When he was nervous Dexter fingered the scar at the base of his skull. His friends, even his family, told him it was from the motorcycle accident. But Dexter knew that was a lie. He’d received the scar when he’d lost his soul in a rigged poker game with some hellspawn disguised as Rudy Clouson’s […]

Richard Kadrey – What Goes Around

Heather didn’t want to go to day care. She didn’t want to move to this new town; she didn’t want to leave all her friends behind; she didn’t want her mommy and daddy to make her promise not to tell her special secrets. But all these things had come to pass, so, Heather sat alone […]

Richard Kadrey – Ubiquitous Computing

“Wallace Gerard, you are exceeding the speed limit by fifty miles per hour. The authorities have been alerted,” said the car. Wallace “Big Wally” Gerard stomped harder on the accelerator, hoping that if he got down hard enough the car’s chip-embedded voice might just start screaming. Wally had left Burbank after stealing his boss’s Mercedes, […]

Richard Kadrey – The Tears of the Moon

Strands of tough river grass grow through the bottom of the flatboat and up through Friar Vicente’s exposed ribs. Piranha and candiru swim through the priest’s vacant eyes. He’s seen the glories of Spain in her prime and the fall of an empire, but he’s been blind for so long now. He had almost made […]

Richard Kadrey – The Silk Road

While it’s not technically illegal to visit the planet Taklamakan, it’s also not possible to get there by any ordinary route. This is because on the surface are the Siren Stones, which might be natural formations. Or they might not. The Siren Stones ring the flat coastline and cap the mountains of the central range […]

Richard Kadrey – The Mad Hatter

They found his body near a dumpster in the alley behind a club called CBGB’s. The place had been in the Manhattan Bowery for over a hundred and fifty years and was a kind of shrine to musicians from all the settled planets. People wondered if the dead man had been a musician in some […]

Richard Kadrey – The Index of Refraction

Traffic was bad all the way out from the city to the airport, and he’s afraid he’ll be late to meet her plane. After he parks, he’s relieved when he checks the information board and sees that her flight is running 20 minutes late. That lost 20 minutes makes him right on time. It’s unseasonably […]

Richard Kadrey – The Gotterdammerung Show

At the end of time, humans invented a machine that trapped all the gods of the universe so that they could be put on display in the Ontology Wing of the new World Culture Museum. Finding themselves imprisoned, the gods at first tried to cajole the humans into freeing them. “After all, we created you,” […]

Richard Kadrey – The Enigma Event

“Mikhail Vasilovich Boltrushko, the young master, had been smuggled to Canada before the Great Patriotic War,” old Anna began. “After the German surrender in 1945, he returned to the family’s home here in Irkutsk.” Tony Lansen looked at the old, weathered woman. He still wasn’t sure how she’d found him, at his hotel. He hardly […]

Richard Kadrey – The Diseases of Purgatory, Pt. 6

We are privileged to continue with our periodic excerpts from the Assiel Manual of Afterlife Maladies and Nostrums, ©Paradiso Publications. While a medical manual for those who’ve transitioned beyond the mortal realm might seem redundant to the casual reader, we present these excerpts as a reminder that even aetheric beings are complex organisms, with their […]

Richard Kadrey – The Birth of Athena

He’s a bad scientist. He fudges his data. He cribs from his grad students when writing papers. He chooses the most obscure, yet sexy sounding, areas of study, hoping no one will bother to challenge his theories, methods or conclusions. He labors in cognitive science and is working off a fat NSA grant studying “Metaphor […]

Richard Kadrey – Surfing the Khumbu

Anna was covered in diamonds. That’s how she felt as she trudged down the glacier. Ice had formed within seconds on her skin-tight environment suit, frosting Anna with jewels. As she moved, her skin and the suit began their chemical conversation, exchanging hormone, blood comp, skin integrity and body temperature data. A quick read off […]

Richard Kadrey – Still Life with Apocalypse

They’re dragging another horse from the canal, its chestnut coat sheened bubblegum pink from the freon. Every night, more pools bubble to the surface from deep underground. Freon. Old engine oil. Heavy water from forgotten nukes. Dozens of animals drown in the stagnant pools every day. Loose-limbed in death, the drowned horse sways, rag-like, as […]

Richard Kadrey – Speaking Up

At night, Bellmer can hear the dummies whispering. They chatter about their aborted lives, their stunted dreams, their embalmed desires. But only to each other, never to Bellmer. He wonders if they’re even aware of him. How he carefully gathers their broken bodies at the bottom of the concrete shafts — after the researchers have […]

Richard Kadrey – SETI

A stray transgenic mouse from the bio lab downstairs eats a yellow peanut M&M while sitting atop a pile of discarded circuit boards and servo motors in the AI lab. A sophisticated optical system and biomechanical limbs lie nearby, gathering dust. The power supply is still plugged into the wall, abandoned there when the experiment […]

Richard Kadrey – Second-Floor Girls

Brought in by their families, the country girls were usually modified at puberty. Coming in on their own, the city girls were usually modified later. Each girl was permitted to store her excised flesh and organs in canopic jars, in liquid nitrogen, 300 degrees below zero. The girls were each given a crystal card on […]

Richard Kadrey – Pleasure Cruise

It was Spring, the time of the annual Wagner festival, so he found himself on the Ammon Ra, a gilt airship drifting luxuriously from Cairo towards Berlin. The seats in the First Class observation car were upholstered in the hides of pandas and Tasmanian tigers, and stuffed with dodo bird feathers. A group of laughing […]

Richard Kadrey – Pembrokes Saga

The old man spent his days shambling from his rented room to the corner store and back again. A newspaper. Cans of soup and boxes of low sodium Saltines. An ice cream sandwich when his Social Security check came. He had a radio in his room. The landlord and other tenants heard it crackling as […]

Richard Kadrey – Opener of the Ways

On a bright, crisp Saturday, Margaret walked through the dog park with Anubis. The jackal-headed guide of the dead, the prince of Magic, used his royal Ankh to scratch the parts of his back he couldn’t reach with his hands. Margaret bought them ice cream from a vendor with a cart. Other dog owners crowded […]

Richard Kadrey – My Exquisite Corpse

I hadn’t been feeling well for weeks when I went to see Dr. Breton, the surrealist surgeon. He’d graduated with top honors from the same Parisian university that had given us Salvador Dali, the famous brain specialist. Since both practiced the same Paranoid-Critical method of healing, which relied more on chance processes and instinct than […]

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