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Wildflower Graves – Rita Herron

“How does it feel to know your parents covered for a serial killer?” Detective Ellie Reeves shifted restlessly in her seat. That was a loaded question and one she didn’t know how to answer. Not to the local press or to this therapist. Not even to herself. Nervous energy made her tap her foot on […]

Suspicious Circumstances – Rita Herron

The hospital was on fire. Screams of terror and panic filled the air. Firefighters and first responders rushed in to extinguish the blaze and assist the sick and helpless from the burning building to safety. They’d been working for half an hour now, ever since the alarm had sounded. Nurse Peyton Weiss helped clear the […]

Protective Order – Rita Herron

He’d kill her if he found her. But Reese Taggart couldn’t go back. Not to being smothered and held captive by his anger and his erratic mood swings. Not to pleasing him when that was impossible. Not to a life without friends and a house where she had to follow his rules or be punished. […]

Pretty Little Killers – Rita Herron

Five-year-old Korine Davenport climbed into her father’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was big and sweet and wonderful. “Tell me I’m pretty, Daddy.” Her daddy lifted the lid of the music box he’d just given her, and a soft melody began to play. It was the same song from the movie […]

Good Little Girls – Rita Herron

Tinsley Jensen was tired of being a shut-in. Tired of living in fear. Tired of not living. How could she live when she was too frightened to go outside the beach cottage she’d rented and explore Seahawk Island? Set on the coast of Georgia, it was beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing, and it had been a […]

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