Tag: Robert Abernathy

Robert Abernathy – World of the Drone

The beetle woke from a dreamless sleep, yawned, stretched cramped limbs and smiled to himself. In the west the sunset’s last glow faded. Stars sprang out in the clear desert sky, dimmed only by the white moon that rose full and brilliant above the eastern horizon. Methodically, suppressing impatience, he went through every evening’s ritual […]

Robert Abernathy – When the Mountain Shook

At sunset they were in sight of the Ryzga mountain. Strangely it towered among the cliffs and snowslopes of the surrounding ranges: an immense and repellently geometric cone, black, its sides bloodtinted by the dying sun. Neena shivered, even though the surrounding cold could not reach her. The ice-wind blew from the glacier, but Var’s […]

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