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Masks – Robert J. Crane

How many stories were there in New York City? Nadine Griffin didn’t know and didn’t really care, but until recently, she was pretty confident hers was one of the best. Born to privilege, Nadine had gone to the most elite prep schools, summered in the Hamptons, wintered wherever the skiing was good and her fellow […]

Badder – Robert J. Crane

“In my day, we ruled the world as gods, and all who beheld us quaked in righteous fear at the sound of our approach.” Her granddad’s voice always filled Rose with a sense of reassurance, that quiet desire to just put her chin in her hands and listen as he spun his tales. She looked […]

Apex – Robert J. Crane

She was going to be called “Big E” like her predecessors, though Eric Simmons didn’t know that. All he knew was what he could see, what he could hear, and what he could taste … and that was mostly fear. He could almost feel it oozing out of every pore, hard-spiked adrenaline on his tongue […]

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