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Roger D. Aycock – Traders Risk

The Ciriimian ship was passing in hyperdrive through a classic three-body system, comprising in this case a fiercely white sun circled by a fainter companion and a single planet that swung in precise balance, when the Canthorian Zid broke out of its cage in the specimen hold. Of the ship’s social quartet, Chafis One and […]

Roger D. Aycock – The Anglers of Arz

The third night of the Marco Four’s landfall on the moonless Altarian planet was a repetition of the two before it, a nine-hour intermission of drowsy, pastoral peace. Navigator Arthur Farrell—it was his turn to stand watch—was sitting at an open-side port with a magnoscanner ready; but in spite of his vigilance he had not […]

Roger D. Aycock – Pet Farm

They had fled almost to the sheer ambient face of the crater wall when the Falakian girl touched Farrell’s arm and pointed back through the scented, pearly mists. “Someone,” she said. Her voice stumbled over the almost forgotten Terran word, but its sound was music. “No matter,” Farrell answered. “They’re too late now.” He pushed […]

Roger D. Aycock – Control Group

The cool green disk of Alphard Six on the screen was infinitely welcome after the arid desolation and stinking swamplands of the inner planets, an airy jewel of a world that might have been designed specifically for the hard-earned month of rest ahead. Navigator Farrell, youngest and certainly most impulsive of the three-man Terran Reclamations […]

Roger D. Aycock – Clean Break

N T othing more exciting ever happened to Oliver Watts than being rejected by his draft board for a punctured eardrum until, deferring as usual to the superior judgment of his Aunt Katisha and of Glenna—his elder and militantly spinster sister—he put away his lifelong dream and took up, at the age of twenty-five, the […]

Roger D. Aycock – Assignments End

He was just emerging for the hundredth time during the week from the frightening hallucination that had come to plague him, when Kitty Murchinsom came into his office. “It’s almost 15:00, Philip,” she said. When she had entered, her face had taken on the placid look that everyone wore—unwittingly, but inevitably—the instant they came near […]

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