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The Liar’s Daughter – Rona Halsall

The ambulance rocked as Ifan negotiated the stony track. ‘Oh my God, I’m feeling seasick,’ Ann said, clutching the door handle. ‘Are we even going to make it?’ She peered ahead through a low tunnel of trees. ‘Looks like it evens off up here.’ Ifan swung the vehicle round a tight bend, his manoeuvre accompanied […]

The Ex Boyfriend – Rona Halsall

Becca twisted the chocolate wrapper and tied it into a neat knot. Then another and another. Her eyes glanced at the double doors which led into the A & E department before checking the clock on the wall again. Almost forty minutes since her husband, Dean, had arrived and she’d been asked to wait outside. […]

One Mistake – Rona Halsall

The day started like any other. Ezra crept into their bed at his usual 5.30 in the morning, his little hands sneaking round Sara’s neck, his head nuzzled into her shoulder as he mumbled a sleepy ‘Are you awake, Mummy?’ She pretended she wasn’t, hoping he might settle and drift off to sleep for another […]

Love You Gone – Rona Halsall

‘When will you ever learn?’ Luke said to the boy sitting beside him, his frustration apparent in every syllable. ‘Didn’t that black eye teach you anything?’ Callum stared at him, his bottom lip quivering slightly, the blue and yellow haze around his right eye all that was left of his injury. Defiance shone in his […]

Keep You Safe – Rona Halsall

Natalie sits on a metal bench on the top deck of the ferry, watching the mountains of the Lake District glide past. She wonders what her son looks like. Has his hair darkened, his face thinned out? They change so quickly when they’re young and she has nothing to go on, not a single picture […]

Her Mother’s Lies – Rona Halsall

A golden sun hung low in the sky, making the mountains glow, lengthening the shadows. Blood pulsed in Martha’s ears, drowning out her thoughts. Fear gripped the back of her neck as she walked up the hill, leaving Caernarfon town centre behind her. She checked the numbers of the houses on the long terrace to […]

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