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Rudy Rucker – The Men in the back room at the country club

“Yo, Jack,” said Tonel as they lugged two golf bags apiece towards the men’s locker room. It was sunset, the end of a long Saturday’s caddying, Jack’s last day of work this summer. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you,” continued Tonel, shouldering open the door. “About who I saw sweatin’ in Ragland’s back […]

Rudy Rucker – Postsingular

Two boys walked down the beach, deep in conversation. Seventeen-year-old Jeff Luty was carrying a carbon-fiber pipe rocket. His best friend, Carlos Tucay, was carrying the launch rod and a cheap bottle of Mieux champagne. Gangly Jeff was a head taller than Carlos. “We’re unobservable now,” said Jeff, looking back down the sand. It was […]

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