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The Reclusive Earl – Ruth Ann Nordin

Miss Opal Beaufort picked up her crying one-month-old nephew from his bassinet. Cradling him to her chest, she lightly bounced him and spoke soothing words to him until he calmed down. He put two fingers in his mouth and sucked on them as he looked up at her, his eyes wide. She smiled and kissed […]

The Bride Price – Ruth Ann Nordin

On the train, the heat pressed in all around Angela Frank. The veil covering her face from the nose on down only made things worse. Being squished between other passengers didn’t help, either. She had so little money for this trip that she had to sit in third class, which put her with a couple […]

Married In Haste – Ruth Ann Nordin

Miss Ava Baynes studied her reflection in the mirror. Her father had been English and her mother Spanish. As a result, she didn’t have the same fair complexion that English ladies did. And so far, the gentlemen she’d come across all preferred the lighter complexions. To make things more complicated, she wasn’t a striking beauty […]

Make Believe Bride – Ruth Ann Nordin

Piers Downing, the Earl of Whitney, entered White’s and pushed his spectacles up his nose. For the first time since he joined five years ago, he actually belonged here. It was nice. He’d hated being on the outside and looking in. And now he wasn’t. Now, for the first time, he finally belonged in this […]

If It Takes A Scandal – Ruth Ann Nordin

Author’s Note: Chapters 1-4 take place in July 1818. This is at the same time Taming The Viscountess, Book 3 in this series, starts. *** It all started with a scandal. And the scandal wasn’t either Lord Durrant or Lady Hedwrett’s doing. Miss Celia Barlow was the one who came up with it. Celia had […]

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