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Saving Samantha – S. Cinders

“Freddy, I know you can hear me!” Samantha hissed rather loudly at her childhood playmate, Frederick Hangbottom . But Mr. Hangbottom was either experiencing partial deafness, or the cad was ignoring her. Samantha stamped her well-shod boot. She wrinkled her nose, “He always was a bit of nincompoop,” she grumbled. “I am not!” his double […]

Melt Me Miles – S. Cinders

Hetty brushed her fallen chestnut curls away from her face. This latest bout of temper had truly been epic. And now she was wandering the streets of London lost. Shadows were growing longer and darkness was starting to creep between the buildings. It would soon be nightfall. To make matters worse, she had left her […]

Lovely Lillian – S. Cinders

Lillian watched in dismay as her elder sister’s nose was smacked with the bridal bouquet that had just been tossed. One would think that flowers wouldn’t be able to do that much damage. The white lilies were soon thrown aside, and blood began to stream from Juliana’s nose. The handsome new Duke that just happened […]

Lady Lillian – S. Cinders

Isn’t His Grace, The Duke of Bilkshore, the most handsome Duke of our acquaintance?” Juliana gushed to her mother and younger sister over their afternoon tea. The Dowager Marchioness of Randall inclined her head in agreement to her daughter, “Yes, dearest, he is most handsome. Don’t you think so, Lillian?” Lillian who had been discreetly […]

Finally, Phillip – S. Cinders

Phillip licked the outside of her thigh, loving the harsh gasp of shock and yet knowing that in their little battle she wouldn’t dare say anything. “Too much, Eden?” He strained to hear her breathy reply, “Not enough, I would say.” His eyes dangerous as he nuzzled her softly rounded stomach, “You just don’t know […]

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