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The Women – S.E. Lynes

The light in Rome is like no other. Like yellow dust it falls over the restless queues that coil around the Colosseum, over the flaking ruins of the Forum, over the traffic cop who stands signalling in the middle of Piazza Venezia. It falls over the hordes on the Via del Corso, the tourists gasping […]

The Housewarming – S. E. Lynes

When I think about that morning, it is beat by beat, like a heart – my own heart, my daughter’s, at the time so enmeshed it seemed she was part of me: my body, my tissue, my bones. She is part of me. She will always be part of me. When I think about that […]

Can You See Her – S. E. Lynes

‘There are things I don’t know. But I know people are dead, I know I killed them and I know it all started the day I realised I was invisible.’ ‘Mrs Edwards.’ Her chair creaks. She must have shifted position. ‘Do you think you could take us back to that? To realising you were invisible?’ […]

The Pact – S.E. Lynes

It’s tough work, out on the Ham Lands in the thick, dead night. It’s dark. It’s cold too, and their hands freeze against the handles of their brand-new spades. They bought these spades this morning, from the vast DIY warehouse on the outskirts of town. But none of this was their plan. It was never […]

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