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The Music of Love – Minerva Spencer, S. M. LaViolette

PORTİA STEFANİ PULLED her gaze from the moonlit countryside beyond the carriage window and stared at the well-worn letter she clutched in her hand. She’d read it so often that she’d memorized it, but she still needed to look at the words. She’d done the right thing, hadn’t she? Dear Signore Stefani, The Stark Employment […]

The Footman – S. M. LaViolette

Iain Vale was examining a marble statue of some poor armless bloke when the door beside it flew open and a whirlwind in skirts burst into the hall. “I will not!” the whirlwind yelled before slamming the door, spinning around, and careening into Iain. “Ooof.” She bounced off him and stumbled backward, catching her foot […]

Melissa and the Vicar – S. M. LaViolette

Melissa Griffin stared into red eyes that burned with malevolence. Her breath froze in her chest but her heart made up for her lungs’ mutiny by thundering in her ears. She took a minute step back, but her tormentor strode inexorably closer. She shuffled to the side, but he followed her sideways, too. “What do […]

Joss and the Countess – S. M. LaViolette

Alicia, Countess of Selwood, pulled on her black kid gloves and turned to the naked man on the bed. Lord Byerly was asleep, the fine Irish linen sheets he favored twisted around his slim body like the pale arms of a lover. He was an attractive man but barely adequate when it came to bed […]

His Valet – S. M. LaViolette

Stephen sipped his brandy and leisurely studied the woman kneeling before him: she was exquisite. Her name was Sharon and she’d given her age as eighteen, although he suspected she was closer to twenty-five. That was fine, he’d not chosen her because of her supposed youth, he’d picked her because she possessed exactly the type […]

His Countess – S. M. LaViolette

Gideon pulled almost all the way out, teasing Marissa’s tight entrance with the thick head of his cock before slamming into her, hilting himself balls deep, glorying in her wet heat. Marissa absorbed his savage thrusts while her skilled mouth and tongue worked the beautiful young woman spread out before her. Gideon loved this arrangement […]

A Figure of Love – Minerva Spencer & S. M. LaViolette

Kent 1817 Gareth Lockheart looked down at the snuffling brown and white balls of fur in some perplexity. “Do I really need so many?” he asked the Honorable Sandford Featherstone. The puppies stirred and whimpered at the sound of his voice and the mother dog—or bitch, Gareth supposed she was called—gave him a look of […]

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