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The Earl and His Lady – Sally Britton

Virginia, Baroness of Heatherton, crushed the letter from the barrister in her hand, hating each word it contained. She harbored no ill will toward Mr. Olivier for writing the abhorrent thing, but that did not lessen her dismay and fear. “Mother?” The sweet voice of her elder son drew her from her dark thoughts. The […]

Saving Miss Everly – Sally Britton

The carriage slowed to a stop again, and outside its doors people shouted over the delay in their travels. Hope Everly peered out the glass window, tilting her head in an attempt to see ahead of them. “I think we are nearly there.” “The smell is getting stronger.” Her friend, Miss Irene Carlbury, put her […]

Rescuing Lord Inglewood – Sally Britton

Esther Fox attempted to hide her amusement with her companion’s hopeless sighs. The poor girl had thought herself near to being engaged to a gentleman who had hardly been more than polite to her. Esther had never been so hopeful of a match as Miss Linton. She kept her arm linked with the younger woman’s […]

Reforming Lord Neil – Sally Britton

Many in Suffolk county doubtless enjoyed a summer’s rain. Teresa Clapham, however, heard the first drops upon her window and bit her lip to keep from crying. Even alone in her small bed, in the sparsely furnished upstairs room, she could not make a sound. It would not do for her mother, in the room […]

Letters for Phoebe – Sally Britton

Phoebe Kimball tied the last of the sticky treats in a handkerchief, already questioning if it was wise to nip the Chelsea buns from the kitchen instead of the much less messy ginger biscuits. But tonight was not about avoiding messes. It was about bidding farewell to one of her dearest friends. While Phoebe liked […]

His Bluestocking Bride – Sally Britton

Ellen flicked a black curl from her forehead, but the irksome spiral just bounced back. Her irritation mounted, and she wished her mother’s maid had not thought to give the matron and her daughter the same curls. “Ellen, try this.” Teresa, the eldest sister in the Bringhurst family, pulled a hairpin from beneath her bonnet […]

Engaging Sir Isaac – Sally Britton

The cream of London Society never played fair. Despite years of trying to adhere to the rules, both those spoken and unspoken, Millicent Wedgwood had given in at last to her mother’s demands to stop following the rules. “Your sister ruined your chances when she ruined her reputation,” Mother had snapped angrily only that morning. […]

Discovering Grace – Sally Britton

May of 1814 Somewhere in the house a door slammed. Grace winced but otherwise did not react to the evidence of her twin sister’s displeasure. She kept her hands busy embroidering a blue silk shawl. Soon enough, Hope would come barreling into the morning room to interrupt Grace’s peaceful occupation. The Everly twins, known throughout […]

Courting the Vicar’s Daughter – Sally Britton

The snowfall in the darkening skies, and the surrounding blanket of white, made the ride from the Earl of Annesbury’s house to Whitewood Manor eerily silent. The only sound beyond Harry and his brother-in-law’s breath was the jingle of the carriage harnesses. Neither man spoke, though Harry knew he ought to say something. Normally he […]

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