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Beast’s Demands – Sam Crescent

I wasn’t used to being important. All my life, I’d been told how useless I was. How I’d destroyed my mother’s figure. Stopped her from finding the perfect man. How men didn’t want a woman with a kid. Before we moved to Crude Hill, I either hid out in my old bedroom when she had […]

Stranded with Her Bullies – Sam Crescent

“I’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry about me at all.” Daphne checked the locks on each door and window as she passed them. “I’ve never known anything like it. To have the warning come out, and now, we’re on lockdown and not allowed to leave our homes,” her best friend and colleague, Bethany, […]

Mated to Her Bully – Sam Crescent

Mabel Little came out of the clearing, grasping her side while tears filled her eyes. This couldn’t be happening to her. There was no way the fates could be so cruel. She refused to believe it. The pain she’d gotten from running past a torn branch was already starting to heal, but that was beside […]

Love in Chaos – Sam Crescent

Maggie gripped the hand wrapped firmly around her throat. She hadn’t been expecting the attack, so the gun she’d found during her travels was still in her backpack. This fucking sucked because she hadn’t thought anyone was following her. When the world went to shit when she was eighteen years old, she hadn’t expected to […]

Bred by the Bully – Sam Crescent

Mira Davencourt knew he was doing this on purpose. Drake had told her to meet him at twelve o’clock on the dot. Now it was twenty minutes past. His PA kept on smiling at her, saying he’d only be a minute. She took a deep breath and flicked a blonde lock back. Her nerves were […]

Alpha Beast – Sam Crescent

“She’s the weird one.” Liam Wolf glared at his younger brother, Ben. He didn’t need his brothers to get involved. “I know who she is.” “There’s no way you can let him marry her,” Gary, his youngest brother, said. “I can do and say what I please,” their father said. “This family needs you to […]

She’s My Everything – Sam Crescent

Blue Jones leaned against the locker for the sixth time in three minutes in an attempt to get comfortable and to look like he actually belonged. A couple of his friends laughed at him, but he didn’t give a shit. If they wanted to keep him on the team, they knew to keep their mouths […]

Bred By the Mafia Monster – Sam Crescent

“This will benefit everyone. No more bloodshed. Just peace between our families.” Klaus Accardi listened to the leader of the Lastra family offer up his peace offering. It didn’t come as a surprise. The latest war had cost them on each side. The streets had run red with blood, all in the name of honor. […]

Baby for Two – Sam Crescent

“This is crazy. Insane.” Meredith Shaw sat back and glanced around the café. Two hours ago, she’d sat behind a sperm bank, ready to go in and make herself an appointment. At thirty-five years old with no daddy prospects in sight, she was in a stable enough position to not need a man to help […]

Taking Her Innocence – Sam Crescent

“You think you can handle it?” Boss asked. Viper stared out across the parking lot. A lot of shoppers were milling around today, going about their own pathetic lives, believing they were the most important thing in the world. None of them had any idea that one of the world’s deadliest killers was amongst them. […]

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