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Two Alone – Sandra Brown

They were all dead. All except her. She was sure of that. She didn’t know how long it had been since the impact or how long she’d remained bent over with her head in her lap. It could have been seconds, minutes, light-years. Time could stand still. Endlessly, it seemed, torn metal had shifted before […]

Thick as Thieves – Sandra Brown

Talking about it is the surefire way to get caught.” He let the statement settle, then looked each of his three companions straight in the eye one at a time, using the deliberation rather than additional words to serve as a warning. The huddled quartet was coming down from an adrenaline high. It hadn’t been […]

Tailspin – Sandra Brown

No. Not doing it.” “When I called, you were Johnny on the spot.” “But I didn’t know then about the weather. It’s socked in solid, Dash.” “Fog ain’t solid. You can fly through it, you know. Like clouds. Or didn’t your online flight school teach that?” The young pilot rolled his eyes. “They closed Atlanta. […]

Outfox – Sandra Brown

Acheerless drizzle blurred any view of the body on the beach. Mist formed halos around the lampposts along the pier, but didn’t diffuse the glaring portable lights that had been put in place by first responders. In a grotesque parody of catching someone in the spotlight on center stage, they shone a harsh light on […]

Mirror Image – Sandra Brown

The hell of it was that it couldn’t have been a better day for flying. The January sky was cloudless and so blue it was almost painful to look at. Visibility was unlimited. There was a cool, harmless breeze out of the north. Airport traffic was moderate to heavy at that time of day, but […]

Sunset Embrace – Sandra Brown

Why has God made it so painful to die? the young woman wondered. She gripped her distended abdomen as another pain tore through her lower body and shimmied down her thighs. When it was over, she panted laboriously, like a wounded animal, trying to garner strength for the next assault, which she knew would seize […]

Seeing Red – Sandra Brown

Did you think you were going to die?” The Major pursed his lips with disapproval. “That question wasn’t on the list I approved.” “Which is why I didn’t ask it while the cameras were rolling. But there’s no one here now but us. I’m asking off the record. Were you in fear of your life? […]

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